Nike Dunk High Retro «Lakers»

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Nike Dunk High Retro «Lakers»
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Details & Description

The basketball classic of the 80s was designed for the indoor court, but found its way to the street. He is back with perfectly shimmering overlays and original college colors. With its classic basketball design, the Nike Dunk High Retro brings 80s style back to the streets. The padded, high-cut shoe collar gives you an old-school look with plenty of comfort.

The supple leather upper provides light shimmer and softens over time. The durable overlays are reminiscent of '80s basketball style.
Foam midsole provides lightweight, responsive cushioning.
The padded, high-cut shoe collar gives you an old-school look you can feel comfortable in.
Eye-catching color blocking returns to the University colorway released in 1985 so you can represent your team.
The rubber sole with classic pivot point provides durability, traction and traditional style during play.

More Details

  • Insole foam
  • Perforations in toe area

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