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After the appearance of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at the 54th Super Bowl at the beginning of this year, the Swiss sportswear company was catapulted into the limelight and made waves internationally. Overnight they were no longer an unknown name in the streetwear scene. Johnson surprised everyone wearing the white running shoes with their iconic shoe sole. The demand was so great that the On website crashed.

“It’s almost become a pre-requisite that sportswear brands, like superheroes, have an origin story — and On is as authentic as they come. The company was founded by David Allemann, Olivier Bernhard, and Caspar Coppetti in 2010, and has since become the fastest-growing footwear brand in the world.”



But the Swiss brand is also getting a lot of national support from prominent people. This year, none other than Roger Federer has become co-owner of the Swiss sports brand and, as part of the On team, will shape the future of the brand. This year we can already look forward to new innovations coming from the On lab, which Roger has been working on. As if that wasn't enough, On has yet another reason to celebrate this year, as the brand will be turning 10 years old in 2020.

On took its first leap into the sneaker industry in the fall of 2019 at atmoscon in Tokyo, with the release of its Cloud Hi Edge. Born in performance and rooted in technology, the brand explored the very edge of design this spring with the launch of its Cloudnova, an all-day silhouette that made an impressive entrance into the sneaker market.

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