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about Converse

Where it all started

At its launch in 1908, the company went by the name ‘Converse Rubber Shoe Company’ and specialized in rubber-soled sneakers for men, women and children. By 1910, Converse had begun manufacturing shoes daily, while in 1915, the company switched focus to creating athletic sneakers. In 1921 basketball player Charles H. “Chuck” Taylor joined Converse after complaining about having sore feet. He persuaded the team at Converse to create a new line of sneakers dedicated purely to basketball players, under the condition that Chuck would continue working as a salesman and additionally promote the new sneaker line – “All Stars”. Taylor travelled across the United States promoting the All Stars collection. Chuck ended up having such a big impact on Converse and the sneakers line, that the sneaker was renamed after him and his signature was added on both sides of the logo. By the 1930s, the “All Stars” were being worn by basketball players throughout the United States thanks to Charles Taylor’s promotion and influence.

We’re back, better than ever and we’re here to stay

Converse enjoyed a dominant position in the athletic footwear market until the 70s when a raft of new competitors – Puma, Adidas and Nike – started shaking up the market.  By the 1980s was too dependent on the “All Stars” brand and by 2001 had filed for bankruptcy. Help came in the form of a buy out by Nike, and Converse’s star started to rise again. Converse have now upped their game with a new model of basketball sneaker – the “All Star Pro BB” – a complete game changer. The new sneaker collection gives a nod to the past with a design that recalls the first All Stars but brings it up to date with the latest basketball footwear tech. The collection also offers the comfort consumers have come to rely on from Converse.

Music Scene

Besides having a big impact on sports, especially basketball, Converse also made waves on the music scene in the 80s and 90s. Musical legends like Kurt Cobain, Wiz Khalifa, The Stones, Sex Pistols and the Ramones were all seen sporting the famous “All Star” sneakers. The “All Stars” have been released in many different styles and colors and have been adopted by different subcultures the world over. Even now, 100 years on, demand for Converse sneakers, especially “All Stars”, is still very high, and the brand has an influence unlike any other.

Past and future collaborations

Converse has collaborated with many different people including basketball players, musical producers, fashion designers and many more over the years. The sneaker giant has also released some limited-edition sneaker lines. Some of their collaborators include GOLF DE FLEUR, HELLO KITTY and Comme des Garçons. Converse also keeps dropping new collabs every single month, from different inspiration, style and color. Watch this space!

A genius collab

The Moncler X Fragment Converse Chuck 70 OX has been created as a collaboration between the Japanese musician, producer, designer and artist Hiroshi Fujiwara and his brand Fragment Design. The colors included in the bold new Sneaker, represent Fujiwara’s love for minimalistic aesthetics and at the same time represent Moncler’s creative sophistication.

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