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about jordan

The power of the Jumpman

Since the foundation of sneakers in history, no other collaboration was more impactful and successful than the one between Michael Jordan and Nike. Created in 1984 by the designer Peter Moore, the sneakers were exclusively worn by the player with number twenty-three. Once revealed to the public, it immediately stirred controversy, making it clear that the course of sneaker culture and streetwear style will change forever.

The first signature footwear, Air Jordan 1, gained rapid popularity and capitalized the sneakers and streetwearmarket at that time. This is the only possible outcome when a product is created with a clear vision and knowledge. But the beginnings were not that easy. Stepping out into the light with a remarkable black and red statement, the sneakers violated the terms that regulated apparel during games. Nike wasn't stopped by the fines it had to pay; they stayed true to their vision, leading Jordan into a street-style revolution that continues today, almost a half-century later. After all, we are always more attracted to the forbidden, right?

Jordan is more than sports

Passion for streetwear, desire for quality, and a revelation that is always a step ahead of time. This is what the Jordan streetwear collection is all about. Lightweight but bold, daring, and smart, with Jordan, you are always ready to counter the game's shifting pace. The only streetwear style made exclusively to give you a crisp-look that is timeless and tailored to your personality. Entering the fourth decade of existence, Jordan dominates the basketball halls and the city streets with its groundbreaking street-style and sneakers collection. Choose from "low top's', "mid top's," or "high top's "to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. Own your style with t-shirts and hoodies that will stir unruly envy among your enemies and inspire your peers. For the one that needs to step out but keep the comfort, the Jordan DNA hoodie is the right choice to make. If you want to feel confident, inspiring, and polarizing at the same time, chose the AIR JORDAN RETRO 7 sneakers and dared to challenge the world. Don't forget to celebrate a quarter-century of world-shattering design that Wmns Air Jordan 11 Retro can offer to your sneaker and streetwear collection.

Jordan is here to stay

It is a no-brainer that Jordan is hotter than ever. The king of streetwear is represented by famous stars like Travis Scott, Justin Timberlake, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, or Drake. It is, though, undeniable that it is also what real sneakerheads are wearing. A pair of Jordan's will dare you to walk with confidence, evoking power in the city, in the basketball court, or even in the office. Times are changing, but Jordan's are staying. Michael Jordan may have left the NBA, but Jordan sneakers and streetwear is timeless and enduring. The brand's popularity will always keep its value, even when more models are added every time. The future is locked and secure for Jordan sneaker and streetwear styles, and the key is to incorporate it into your wardrobe as a must-have item. At Titolo, we make sure you have all the tools you need to keep up and stay ahead of others. We continuously update our sneaker and streetwear collections, so you can focus on being epic and explosive. Get an almost unfair advantage and inject a pop of color to your streetwear style with the exclusive collection of Jordan sneakers and clothing. Buy online from Titolo today.

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Sneakers have always been associated with both comfort and style! No other category of shoes can give you the same vibe like a pair of hip sneakers. Sneakers are the type of shoes that see no gender, making them the perfect unisex choice. Both men and women can wear the same designs and styles. Isn’t that awesome! Titolo is your one-stop-shop for all the diverse varieties of sneakers out there, whether you are looking for classic, retro, streetwear, fashionable, or just functional styles. Can’t decide on what to buy? No worries, log in to and browse through our thousands of sneaker choices to find the right match for you. As someone wise once said, people make shoe contact before making eye contact; hence one can’t compromise sneakers!


Streetwear is a term for casual clothing that became global in the 1990s. It all started in New York where fashion was influenced by hip-hop culture and skateboarders. The term quickly spread from New York to the rest of the world. Streetwear includes anything casual and comfortable, like baggy denim jeans, caps and sneakers. Streetwear style is constantly evolving and developing. In the past couple of years, 90s fashion has started to become trendy again and that decade is having a big influence on streetwear styles. The hype for trendy sneakers and the baggy jeans look is back – at least until the next trend comes along.